Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Tips!!

Make sure to properly clean and dry you stamps before putting them away. I prefer to use Stampin' Mist  and Stampin' Scrub from Stampin' Up! The mist cleans and conditions your stamps and using it in conjunction with the scrub makes sure that all the little crevices get clean as well. There are several other ways you can clean your stamps however, and they are:
  • Use a baby wipe- rub your stamp on a wipe to clean off any leftover ink.
  • Use a damp paper towel or old washcloth-much like the baby wipe, you can rub the stamp on these to clean any ink off of the stamp.
  • Run the stamp directly under the faucet-you can turn the water on and just let it run over the stamp to wash away the ink. This is not a good way to clean the stamp if you are using a permanent ink or if you are going to use the same stamp multiple times with different colored inks as you will be running to the sink every time you need to change colors.
I would love to hear your creative ideas on cleaning stamps, so please feel free to share! Remember, tomorrow is QA Wednesday. The 3 email questions that are answered on the blog page will receive a free card kit--complete with everything you need to make a stack of greeting cards, except for the stamps, so e-mail those stamping and/or Stampin' Up! related questions to stampnwithnikki@gmail.com
and as always, Happy Stamping!!!

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