Monday, September 2, 2013

LNS Fall 2013 Treasure Hunt

Virtual Treasure Hunt...

Here’s how to play:
-visit each of the blogs listed below (it’s always nice to leave a comment!) -look for participating Treasure Hunt players – they will have the picture of the SU! box (above), and they will list their clue.
-make a note of what the clue is, and whose blog it is on
-once you’ve collected 50 clues, email them to ME at (  listing each clue & where you found it
-you have from now until Friday, October 25th 2013 to collect 50 clues and email them to me, to be entered into the contest -Contest closes Friday Oct. 25th at midnight PST

Linda Rodenberg 
Carolyn Bennett 
Deborah Smart 
Charlene Tackvic 
Cindy Mitchell-Clark 
Robin Messenheimer 
Amber Meulenbelt 
Heather Sewczak 
Laura Leuenberger 
B Jayne Stenstrom 
Beverly Farmer 
Jennifer King 
Tanya Stottlemire 
Amanda Frankel 

My clue is for the In Color Dahlias! 
I love these little things and they are a great way to step up a project!
In Color Dahlias
Have fun and Happy Stamping!


  1. Hi! I am another new follower from Stampin' Connection! Have a great day from Australia! :)

  2. Thanks for the fun hop. I just E-mailed my list to you.